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Turning AccidentsCar crushed by school bus, example of turing accident

Deadliest for Walkers: Male Drivers, Left Turns (New York Times)

The case for almost never turning left while driving (Washington Post)

The New York City Pedestrian Safety Study & Action Plan (New York City DOT)

Impacts on Safety of Left Turn Treatment at High Speed Signalized Intersections (Iowa Highway Research Project)

Are Left Turns a Deadly Maneuver? (Claims Journal)

Metro buses: Pedestrians in a blind spot? (Crosscut)

It’s ‘left-turn’ accident season for motorcyclists (Times Union)

Accidents rise but city puts off asking for safety changes (Live 5 News)

Examination of Intersection, Left Turn Across Path Crashes and Potential IVHS Countermeasures (USDOT)

Petaluma replacing ‘left on green’ signals (The Press Democrat)

Life Without Left Turns (Smithsonian)

NHTSA 2008 REPORT, National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey

NHTSA Crash Factors in Intersection-Related Crashes: An On-Scene Perspective

Older drivers and left-hand turns 

 Guidebook for Mitigating Fixed-Route Bus-and-Pedestrian Collisions (TCRP)

Crossing Accidents

Trends in Transit Bus Accidents and Promising Collision Countermeasures –

Bus operator types and driver factors in fatal bus crashes: results from the buses involved in fatal accidents survey –

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Prediction of Pedestrian Crashes at Midblock Crossing Locations using Site and Behavioral Characteristics –

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The New York City Pedestrian Safety Study & Action Plan New York City Department of Transportation August 2010 –

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Child Pedestrian Injuries Report 2007 – 2008 –

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Crossing guard: The most dangerous job in a school –

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How the Chinese cross the road –

Deadliest for Walkers: Male Drivers, Left Turns –

Utah Pedestrian Accident Statistics –

Pedestrian deaths from vehicle strikes are quickly rising in New York City –

Pedestrians and bicyclists –

Asheville tops NC in per capita pedestrian accidents-

Walking in L.A.: Times analysis finds the county’s 817 most dangerous intersections –

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Won’t Somebody Think Of The Pedestrians? (UK) –

Rising pedestrian injuries and deaths at crosswalks prompt calls for change (Canada)

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Crackdown on pedestrians helps slash city crash rate (AUS) –

Chicago pedestrian fatalities up 31 percent: police data-

As roads become safer for drivers and passengers, pedestrian deaths still rise –

Study: Pedestrian fatalities are on the rise –

Pedestrian deaths rise nationwide; Drop in Connecticut –

Pedestrian Deaths Continue Rising Across Los Angeles –

US pedestrian fatalities rising faster than ever before, study says –

State declares epidemic of pedestrian deaths, launches awareness campaign –

Pedestrian Deaths Make Up a Rising Share of U.S. Traffic Fatalities –

Pedestrian deaths increase; cell-phone distractions may be culprit-

Pedestrian Safety (CDC) –

Boarding and Alighting

Bus Occupant Safety (Transit Research Board, Transit Cooperative Research Program):

INJURY EVENTS AMONG BUS AND COACH OCCUPANTS: Non-crash Injuries as Important as Crash Injuries (EU):

Recommendations for Reducing Noncollision Bus Passenger Injuries:

Passenger casualties in non-collision incidents on buses and coaches in Great Britain: